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Just Chill

...Get Crackin'

Our Flavors

  • Non-Fat Newyork Cheesecake
At Chill Pistachio’s Frozen Treats, we offer a variety of healthy and delicious frozen treats that you customize to satisfy your sweet tooth. You’ll  “just chill ” in  five fun and easy steps:
  1. Pick a Base — For the bottom of the cup, choose our freshly baked Brownies.
  2. Pick a Frozen Treat — Fill in the middle with your choice of flavors of custard, gelato, Italian ice, sorbet, frozen yogurt, or gelati (our blend of vanilla custard and Italian ice).
  3. Pick a Topping — Top off your masterpiece with your choice of our healthy and delicious toppings, including chocolate-covered treats, nuts, fruits and sauces.
  4. Weigh and Pay — Once you’re done, just pay by the ounce, and then enjoy your newly created frozen treat in a fun and safe family atmosphere where you can unwind.
  5. Chill Fusion – Pick our 16 Oz tall cup, fill Frozen Yogurt or Gelato or Custard or any of your favorite swirls, then blend it in our special Chills fusion machine with your favorite fruits or toppings. Enjoy the taste of your toppings from bottom to top. We suggest to use toppings like Cookies and cream, Granola powder, chocolate chips for easy blending into any plain vanilla base or yogurt.

You can learn more about what it means to “just chill” by browsing our website. You’ll find more information about Chill Pistachio’s Frozen Treats, our flavors and our locations.

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